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Executive Search

Direct search for executives and directors

Directors, CEOs, general managers and business unit managers

Managers of functional areas (Sales, Marketing, Operations, Production, Technology/Digital, Finance, Human Resources and Legal)

Sectors: ICT, industry, distribution, services, insurance and finance

Direct search for executives and directors.

The two main challenges companies will face in the coming years are related to Technology and Talent, as acknowledged in one of the latest reports from the World Economic Forum. The most advanced companies have always been concerned about being surrounded with the best teams; in the next few years, this will become a truly survival factor for most of them.

What do we provide?

Leaderland is aware of this, which is why we provide leadership solutions to companies by searching for the best executives to deal with their business challenges. We take special care of how the new executive fits in with the culture of an organisation since we are aware that this is the main reason for the success of the new hire. Our differential factor is that our expert criterion enables us to determine the candidates’ suitability and whether they truly match the profile sought, emphasising their human and personality traits after confirming their other capabilities based on their experience and knowledge.

What do we believe in?

  • At Leaderland, we believe that a healthy corporate culture must generally focus on the development of its professionals and apply internal promotion as a regular policy.
  • Nevertheless, we also believe that it is not always possible for an organisation to find the best solution to fill its existing or newly-created management vacancies.
  • We believe that there are certain situations which are suitable for the hiring of external talent for key positions, such as transformation processes and cultural changes, mergers and acquisitions, diversification towards new businesses and international expansion.
  • We also believe that sector inbreeding is detrimental to the organisations since this reduces their possibility of getting rich and learning. That is why we advise companies, where possible, to capture experienced talent from other sectors, especially those which stand out in certain distinctive capabilities for which they have been acknowledged.
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