We help HR / People areas work, by improving, their capabilities and performance. We also develop them and we act as true “partners” to foster their efficiency and increase their perceived business value.


HR Excellence

We provide a criterion for the strategic HR plans and assist in drafting and implementing them.

Improvement in HR team efficiency

Specialist search for the area’s professionals (HR Managers, HR Business Partners, Functional Experts in IR, C&B and L&D)

Development of capabilities for the area’s professionals (coaching, assistance, team dynamics)

Interim management and partial outsourcing of HR

The Human Resources areas, also called the People or Culture and Talent areas, are becoming key players in the strategy of companies which are more aware of the unbeatable competitive advantage of being surrounded with the best. That is why it is crucial for companies to have the best strategies, policies and professionals for their Human Resources teams.

What do we provide?

Leaderland provides a complete professional service in the HR function, acting in different spheres, from selecting the best professionals in that area to assisting them in their development and improving their capabilities and performance. We provide a criterion for the strategic HR plans and assist in drafting and implementing them. Lastly, when the HR function is not sufficient due to the organisation’s size or characteristics, we provide temporary support or support to specific projects since we have a large network of highly qualified professionals which we make available to our clients so that their HR area can efficiently meet the strategic and operational business needs, play a key role in the transformation and create real value.

What do we believe in?

  • At Leaderland, we believe that people management and their performance and development are the main responsibility of all the organisation’s managers and executives who lead teams-
  • We believe that the Human Resources or People areas play a key strategic role linked to the business results, to which a value must be contributed that is clearly perceived by the organisation.
  • We believe that the HR professionals must make a major contribution to the company’s transformation processes and culture.
  • We believe that the HR organisations must play an operational and service role within the company and that they must look outside and make the end clients and investors the references when establishing their management indicators.


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