We draft diagnoses of strategic plans, policies and processes related to people management and development, and contribute to their design and/or improvement.


Organizational effectiveness

Identification and assessment of individual and team capabilities

Leadership and potential management assessment systems

Succession plans

One of the senior management’s concerns should be to have a good diagnosis of the organisation’s talent pool; to do this, it is critical to clearly identify the higher value professionals with the aim of solving the changing business challenges faced at any given time. That identification, confirmed with the appropriate assessment methods, enables management to deal with the needs as they arise, while providing greater professional growth to the higher value collaborators. It also helps to define realistic succession plans, which should not be overwhelmed by daily events, as frequently occurs, and must be taken into account when making promotion or rotation decisions aimed at development.

What do we provide?

Leaderland provides qualified assistance to senior management aimed at identifying and assessing the collaborators’ capabilities and potential, combining our technical methods with our expert professional criterion. We also provide support when drafting succession plans and making decisions as the succession need arises.

What do we believe in?

  • At Leaderland, we believe that our professionals’ leadership and talent capabilities are our greatest competitive advantage which makes a difference between a company and its competitors.
  • We believe that one of the strategic priorities at any organisation should be to appropriately identify the available talent, especially with the involvement of those with the greatest responsibilities.
  • We believe that periodical measurements of a company’s current capabilities and the potential future talent are a complex process which requires an appropriate combination of methodology and expert criteria.
  • We believe that the talent reviews shared by the management team foster a common understanding of the strategy and priorities of the business and its people, while enabling an organisational alignment and improving communication and commitment.
  • We believe that an appropriate plan for the future succession needs, especially regarding key positions, should form part of any organisation’s habitual talent management and development policies.
  • To exercise leadership properly, Leaderland provides assistance to the executives in their development.
  • We believe that, as the management responsibilities increase, the ability to lead teams becomes more critical and determinant, although this is not sufficiently taken into account in the promotions or appointments.
  • We believe that the need to learn and develop is continuous throughout a professional career and that executives should be highly aware of their improvement opportunities in this respect.
  • As a result of the loneliness typical of senior management positions, we believe that such persons should receive qualified assistance, especially regarding how they manage people and the impact of their leadership on others.
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